Questionnaire regarding auctions organized by MVM PARTNER ZRT.

Dear business Partner,

MVM Partner Zrt. and its legal predecessor as a Significant Market Power (SMP) identified as such by the decision No. 747/2011 issued by the Hungarian Energy Office (HEO) have conducted several surveys by means of sending questionnaires to the market participants ofthe power market in order to assess the needs of the potential buyers. 

In order to fully comply with the SMP decision and to have a better understanding of the increasing market requirements, MVM Partner Zrt. would like to conduct a survey on the needs of potential buyers/trading partners.

Referring to the above we kindly ask for your cooperation to take your time by filling our questionnaire contains 8 short question. The questionnaire is available at the following link:

(The questionnaire is also available for download at, and

We kindly ask you to complete the questionnaire until 05.11.2020.

Should you have any question regarding the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact us. Detailed information on the Questionnaire is provided by the staff of the Auction Coordination Department of MVM Partner Zrt. every day between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. E-mail:, tel. (+36 1) 304 2104, (+36 20) 254 5130, (+36 1) 304 2314, (+36 20) 250 6092.

We highly appreciate your cooperation!