Following the liberalisation of the Hungarian electricity market, the Hungarian wholesale electricity market started to develop dynamically, based on Western European models. MVM Partner Ltd has been an active participant in this market segment ever since the beginnings, and over the years it has become a significant player thanks to its considerable portfolio of Hungarian electricity generators. Our trading activity represents a strong hub between generation, consumption and the wholesale market. Our main competence is to manage the exposure comes from the power generation and retail portfolios, and also to satisfy the needs of our wholesale partners arising on the organised energy markets and on the OTC markets. On the commodity market we optimise both the assets belonging to MVM Group and also the contracted ones, besides this perform proprietary trading activity as well. Advanced risk management tools represent the framework of our commodity market trading activity.
Our goal and mission is to create and maintain a strong presence in the regional markets. We carry out centrally managed active wholesale activities throughout Europe. We are trading on several European exchanges and OTC markets through our Budapest headquarters, thereby ensuring our ability to react quickly to price changes at an international level. At the same time, thanks to the assets available to us, we are able to optimise electricity turnover among the countries of the region.

Our wholesale activity covers the entire time-based spectrum of electricity market products on a regional level, right from intraday products to long-term (beyond a year) standard and customised products.
We are actively trading in greenhouse gas emission allowances as a member of the EU Emissions Trading System.
We are committed to satisfying our customers’ and partners’ needs in a professional manner, drawing on our experience, know-how and regional presence, and provide them with flexible solutions, both in the wholesale market and the other market segments of the electricity sector.
MVM Group has a significant role in ancillary services to the Hungarian energy market coordinating by MVM Partner Ltd, thereby making a major contribution to the security of the Hungarian energy supply.
We have significant role in supplying the customers receiving universal service. Security of services and price stability are of utmost importance for us, therefore MVM Partner Ltd has created an expedient purchase and sales portfolio to mitigate any unexpected market changes.
Both portfolios are based on a system of long-term (beyond a year) framework agreements. This system covers the purchase of products required for supplying universal service providers and also serving the needs of the universal service licensees at the expected quality level. Pursuant to the framework agreement, one-year trading contracts are concluded both on the purchase and the sales side. Practically continuous contact with the partners during the year, dealing with changes and solving unexpected situations together represent integral parts of the performance of these contracts.
This scheme not only guarantees safety of supply, but also efficient risk management covers all parts of our market activity, mitigating any possible drastic impacts hitting the end customers. Besides, this scheme also ensures the expected level of security of supply for several years.
MVM Partner Ltd, thanks to its strong purchasing, retail and wholesale activity, controls and manages one of the biggest balance groups in the MAVIR network. Our balance group manager activity, as a result of our international role, has grown to a regional level, since we have our own balance groups in all of the countries covered by us.