Large Companies

Those customers whose annual consumption exceeds 5 GWh fall within the group of large companies.
For these partners, the opening of the electricity trading market and the ability to choose electricity trader freely offer new and efficient opportunities to increase their competitiveness and rationalise their costs.
Since January 2008, customers not eligible for universal service are required to choose between the competitive market traders, pursuant to legislation. Those customers eligible for universal service are free to decide whether they purchase electricity for the official (universal service provider) prices or from a competitive market trader.
Electricity trader MVM Partner provides competitive prices and high quality, reliable and transparent services to its partners. Our goal is to contribute to the success of our large company partners with our continuously growing portfolio and services aligned with the expectations of our clients.
We offer the following products to these partners:
Tariffed products
Partner Comfort - The easy business solution
Partner Pro - Our best priced product for professional users submitting schedules
Energy services
Áramőr - Electricity Audit - Review of electricity usage bills, contracts and the equipment consuming it – electricity audit.
Fényőr - Lightning System Audit - Status survey of the existing lighting system and proposing solutions for its modernisation. If requested by the Client, implementation of the lighting system modernisation works.
Energetikai Tanúsítás - Energy Certificate - Energy rating according to the applicable legal regulations. Energy calculations, taking the condition, building engineering solutions and energy needs of the inspected building into account.
Energetikai Felülvizsgálat - Energy Revision - Those companies using certain heat generating and air conditioning devices as specified by law are required to carry out an energy review. By having these reviews carried out, companies not only meet their statutory obligation, but also obtain information about the energy efficiency of their installations.
Energetikai Audit - Energy Audit - Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Energy efficiency, large companies are obliged to carry out an energy audit. The energy audit means a specific test method, in the course of which we not only reveal potential energy losses, but also investigate the opportunities to apply modern methods.
ISO 50001 - Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Energy Efficiency, the statutory energy audit can be replaced by an energy management system conforming to the MSZ EN ISO 50001 standard. In the course of the preparations for the certification, the energy management system can be integrated into the other existing management systems as well.
Napenergia - Photovoltaic System - Turnkey installation of the Solar Panel system in the domestic power plant and micro power plant categories.
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