About Us

MVM Partner Energy Trading Private Limited Company (MVM Partner Ltd) is a member of MVM Group, the most significant Hungarian-owned electricity company group and, at the same time, it is a dynamically developing subsidiary of MVM Ltd (Magyar Villamos Művek Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság) as well. MVM Partner Ltd, as one of the biggest energy traders in Hungary, has by now become a major player in the Hungarian energy market. Besides energy trading and sales, the company also provides assistance in optimising electricity consumption through its energy services.

The Company was founded on 5 September 2002 and since the beginning of the competitive market liberalisation, i.e. 1 January 2003, we have held the official licences required for lawful operation. MVM Partner Ltd has been actively trading both the Hungarian and foreign electricity markets. Since January 2010, MVM Partner Ltd has had a gas trading licence as well.

Over the past ten years, MVM Partner Ltd has managed to become a dominant actor in the Hungarian retail and wholesale electricity markets. The Company is actively involved in supplying electricity to the Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises and is participating in the regional electricity trade with the neighbouring countries. From 2010, different institutions owned by municipalities and public lighting consumers have been added to the Company’s consumer portfolio. The customers of the Company, which operates completely under competitive market conditions, belong to one of the largest balance groups of the Hungarian electricity market.
MVM Partner Ltd entered the natural gas retail market in mid-March 2016 as well and, during the gas year starting on 1 October 2016, it will also be supplying natural gas to end, too, in order to establish a stable portfolio on the natural gas market for large and medium sized enterprises. With this move, the Company has enabled its partners to purchase all the energy needed for their operations from a single trader.
MVM Partner Ltd.’s goal is to ensure that it remains one of the biggest energy traders in Hungary and keeps on providing high level services, adapted quickly and flexibly to the expectations of its customers, in both the retail and wholesale markets, with tailor-made products and, favourable prices, as well as fair and balanced partner relations.

To reach the above goals, the Company is continuously developing and expanding its products and services and pays special attention not only to the challenges posed by the market and the different market trends, but also to the opinions and demands of its customers. Hence, among other initiatives, the Company established a dedicated sales team providing personal contact, a flexible and continuously improved invoicing system and online 24 hours a day customer service, all with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to its valued partners.

The Company’s offerings to competitive market consumers include:
• sale of electricity
• sale of natural gas
• efficient reduction of energy costs
• tailor-made products and services in both electricity and gas supply
• flexible commercial and settlement schemes
• preparation of a consumption schedule, if requested
• professional consultation and advice in connection with the competitive market
• comprehensive service packages
• personal liaison with customers via dedicated client managers
• online customer service available 24 hours a day
MVM Partner Ltd enters into individual, customised power purchase agreements and power purchase framework agreements with its partners in the course of its electricity wholesale activity.

Corporate Social Responsibility
MVM Partner Ltd, beyond its economic objectives has been striving to help vulnerable, disadvantaged social groups ever since it entered the market. The Company pays special attention to help children, the sick and the disadvantaged, to improve their living conditions, to support paediatrics, culture and sports, and to promote a healthy lifestyle to children and young people.

Background: Establishment of MVM Partner Ltd
It was the strategic goal of the state owned MVM Ltd, an electricity wholesaler, to take on an active role in the competitive market opened up as of 1 January 2003, to keep its strong market position in Hungary and to strengthen its presence in the regional electricity trading arena.

For that purpose, the Retail Sales Department was established within the Trade Directorate of MVM Ltd during the first half of 2001, and then, on 5 September 2002, MVM Partner Energy Trading Ltd was founded with a share capital of HUF 50 million, starting its actual operation on 1 January 2003 on the partly opened up Hungarian electricity market.

Two trading subsidiaries of MVM Group, MVM Partner Ltd and MVM Trade Ltd merged as of 1 July 2012, and the company established in this way continues its operation under the name MVM Partner Ltd.