If your undertaking is looking for a fast, efficient, modern, and not least, environment friendly solution for handling invoices, please register with our online invoice management partners and receive your invoices issued by MVM Partner Ltd in an electronic form.
As far as data content is concerned, an e-invoice is identical to a paper invoice. E-invoices are presented via the Internet. Once the invoice is issued, the system sends a notice to the contact e-mail address provided upon registration. Authentic e-invoices are equipped with an electronic signature and a time stamp verifying the time of issue; as such, they conform to the requirements set by law for electronic invoices and therefore are of identical value to the printed paper invoices for official purposes.
E-invoices can be viewed via the Internet at any time and from any place and they can even be paid via the Internet. Users can also handle and store the invoices within the system. They can be searched at any time based on the name of the issuing service provider or the date of issue and can also be downloaded in .pdf format.
Security: The system can be reached after individual login and so confidential data can only be accessed by people who know the password. The issued invoice is in full compliance with the legislation applicable for e-invoices.
Convenience: The invoices can be downloaded via the Internet at any time and from any place. A single interface is provided for receiving and storing the invoices. Besides the invoices of MVM Partner Ltd, the invoices of other service providers can be handled through the electronic invoice management interface as well.
Instant access: No waiting for the post. The invoice becomes visible on the Internet interface at almost the moment it is issued, and the system gives notification in an e-mail. No more extra administrative burden thanks to undelivered or lost invoices.
Sustainability: Paperless invoice management is an environmentally friendly solution which saves you several dozen paper invoices on an annual basis.
Free of charge: You can use the system and the related services free of charge.
MVM Partner Ltd, in order to provide convenience and free choice to its customers, joined the invoice management systems of Díjnet and E-számlaközpont (E-Invoice Center). The former is an invoice presentational solution suitable for sole proprietorships and micro and small businesses, whereas the latter is recommended for medium enterprises and large companies.
Registration comprises three steps. As a first step, you need to join the invoice management system, then you have to initiate registration with MVM Partner Ltd, acting as the issuer of the invoice, on the website. Having completed the registration, as a last step, the operator contacts MVM Partner Ltd automatically and also finalises the registration.
For further information and registration please click on www.dijnet.hu or www.e-szamlakozpont.hu.